Does primrose oil stop acne?

For hundreds of years, primrose oil was known as a treatment for skin problems in Europe and North America. Although the real benefits of the plant were unknown for a long time, more and more people seem to think that primrose oil stops acne. Wouldn’t this be great? Unfortunately for millions of teenagers (and luckily for all of those skin care companies) this oil is not that magical. Here’s why:

  • It will work as a natural supplement, but not as medicine. Primrose oil is, indeed, a great supplement to take on a daily basis. It is completely natural, so you don’t have to worry about chemicals and it will help rejuvenate or heal your skin. For example, if you have a pimple and you are taking primrose oil, your pimple will heal faster than usual. But, it won’t eliminate it completely.
  • It cannot stop acne from appearing. Primrose oil can work on the skin at a superficial level, helping it heal. However, the acne appears due to a hormonal problem that can hardly be controlled (or solved!) by a natural supplement. It is efficient in small problems, like eczema or dermatitis, but its effect on acne has not been proven.
  • There is no actual study regarding this issue. Many people said that primrose oil helped with their acne. On the other hand, no one could prove that this oil will cure it. It can help you get rid of the scars faster, and restore some elasticity in the skin if you have a dry complexion.
  • It can interact with other drugs and have side effects. If you take any other medication, you should consult with your doctor before taking this supplement. Also, you can experience nausea, headaches and stomach problems. There is nothing more important than your health, so take care of it!