Glamour Industry: Scope and Challenges

Bollywood is filled with talents. Any new comer faces challenges to secure her/his place in this glamour industry and to get name and fame. A new comer comes to this industry with aspiration and strong determination and being inspired by the legends of this industry.  But the glamour that is visible is not easy to achieve. It demands talent, strong determination and obviously good contacts. But when someone comes from outside to try her luck here, she goes through a lot of hardship and struggle to meet the demands of this institution.
Most demanding qualities for establishing yourself in this industry
•    First and foremost is talent, you need to be extremely talented to prove yourself in this industry
•    Beauty is another aspect to survive in this industry
•    Better presentation is also required to impress others
•    Good portfolio makes the first impression
•    Contacts for good networking
Things to learn from this industry
•    Do not get disheartened from failures. If you are talented then you will definitely get right opportunity to prove your talent
•    Do not pay attention to media reports and it is not always true
•    Do not believe much in box office results
•    Try to learn from your failures
•    Experiences always work better
Many new comers have proved themselves in this industry. Most talented actors of this industry do not belong to any film family background. But no one can deny that one need to work hard to set her feet here.