Trouser jeans hitting the runways with denim glamour

Before, buying new jeans may have meant substituting the same lean-fit style you had been purchasing for years. Now it feels different with denim trends rolling back the time a few decades at a time. Recently, the high-rise waists, slouchy fits, and pale washes are suggestive of the nineties. It is not about social media representation of the nineties that may be cute and choosy in its memory of the era, but rather a full-blown ample, trouser-style denim.


This new jeans style has been seen on runways like Tibi, Tom Ford, and Dior as well as in the newest collections of specific denim brands like Goldsign, Frame, and J Brand. It has infiltrated the market to the point that even retailers like Topshop, Mango, and H&M have some versions on sale. The current trouser fashion differs in shape and fit. From neatly tucked high-waist designs with legs that provide just a little space through the thighs and calves (more voluminous than a boot cut but with a likewise tapered flare) to more interesting design such as ultra-high rises with super baggy legs that are either slouch and straight or flared.


The jeans are available in dark raw denim, gray washes, and also in mixed materials, à la Dior. When buying into this trend look for some details; go for clean lines and interesting details like topstitching, pleats, and sleek hardware, and that the fit is tailored and relaxed. When you need some fresh styling ideas, take everything that you already like and upgrade it just enough that it looks fashionable or better made than what you already have in your closet. Jeans are appropriate everywhere and anywhere or at least that is what runways are telling us.