2 Simple Yet Awesome Nail Art Designs You Should Try

When it comes to fashion, nail art still has a major role to play, in addition to that it is without a doubt a major trend among those in the internet, in fact, if you are to conduct a search rite now on the internet for “nail art designs” you will get an array of amazing designs which are showcased on a single fingernail. That said most of the nail arts which are currently on the internet are failed attempts of many people who have tried copying some of the great nail polish that they have seen online. Art designs are meant to be simple yet fun with that in mind here are 2 simple yet awesome nail art designs you should try right away.

Minimal accenting
When doing your nail art always ensure that you do not use too much fingernail so as to make that striking nail art piece. In fact you are more likely to get a striking look when you use minimal fingernail. The key is to ensure that you pick the rite colors, once you have managed to do so your next step will be to add an accent in whatever pattern you like.

Simple Patterns
This look is perfect especially if you are more into a look that is minimalist but still has penchant for designs as well as images. So how do you get this? Well start of by dabbing simple patterns on a solid color nail. You can be able to achieve a simple yet awesome flower pattern with just a few strokes of your brush. The key is to ensure that the strokes have been positioned in different places of the your nail.