Fashion and Style defines your Personality

We are all aware of the fact that Fashion changes day by day and people tend to follow fashion styles according to the latest trend. From a small kid to matured person, Fashion has impacted every age group. Latest trends and styles can be seen easily in malls, movies, social gatherings, etc and people try to follow them. Fashion defines a person’s outlook towards looking at things. It defines how you want to express yourself. Your sense of clothing defines your personality and attitude. You really don’t need to have a perfect fashion style but dressing in a modest or decent way can help people judge about who you are. While dressing you should not bother about what the people will think about you, but make sure to dress according to the environment you are living in .Most of the time, it is told not to wear short or tight dresses. This is one of the sign of conservativeness and modern outlook. If you are really conservative, then you will not wear clothes that catch too much attention. Even you should be aware that accidents can happen anywhere, doesn’t matter how loose tops or clothes you wear. Your style of dressing highlights your creativity. People can tell easily whether you are simple or creative by looking at accessories or the designs of clothes you are wearing. It is hard fact, that initially people are judged by the way they look and not by their work.