Four Outfits from FashionMia Clothing

We’ve all seen the advertisements for stunning clothing at knockoff prices, and we’ve also read the “ordered that, received this” nightmares from less than satisfied customers. The big question, can a knockoff clothing store provide you with quality threads and an unbelievable price? And if so, how?

FashionMia is a company that promotes it’s clothing through ads on social media sites and search engines. Like Rosegal, Rose Wholesale, and DressLily, FashionMia promises designer knockoffs at great prices. But according to several sources, the clothing customers are receiving barely resembles the items they thought they were ordered. Companies like this have been the target of outraged customers and received some nasty blasts on social media, including several Facebook hate pages, Pinterest feeds, and even a website - According to this site, there are 865 bad reviews of FashionMia and only 4 issues have been resolved. The site also claims FashionMia has an astounding $66,300 in claimed losses, with customers spending an average $287. With the categories like communication, clothing look, quality, and sizing, the unsatisfied customers heavily outweigh those who are satisfied.  

On the other side, the customers who are satisfied with their purchase swear by FashionMia, claiming they are a “very reliable company” and provide “awesome clothing”. I have personally ordered clothing from an online store similar to this and was not completely horrified with what I received. Though it was obvious the clothing was made outside the U.S., mainly because of the size variations, everything looked almost exactly like the photos posted on the site.

Overall, it’s just important to remember to do your research, not just for clothing but any online product you order. Reviews are readily available if you are willing to take the time to look, and it can definitely save you some cash if you’re willing to take the chance.