How you should dress for a first date

If you have a date tonight, the first thing you will do is start looking for a perfect dress in your closet. Instead of just grabbing something and wear, you will lose a lot of time searching for the right dress for tonight. Luckily, there are some tips that should help you. The first and basic tip is to relax! When you are under stress, you don’t think straight and you will make a mistake!

If you don’t know what to wear, chose red! Men think that red is the sexiest color on a woman. According to one study at the University of Rochester, men who are shown a photo of a woman wearing a red dress, want to ask her more amorous questions than men who saw the same woman wearing blue or yellow dress. The winning combination is a short red skirt and a red jacket (black of course). Use red lipstick as well. You will see that it has a positive effect on your date!

The other equally ‘’effective’’ dress is a summer dress in a soft fabric. You want to look touchable and to be approachable. This type of dress will make you even more feminine and flirtatious, and men like that. You should pair a chambray shirt or a denim jacket with a warm weather staple. Wear little ankle boots for the best effect.
The first date isn’t a right time for experimenting, you should wear something that suits you best. Equally important is to feel comfortable. Be free to use everything you have, so if you have a great legs, shown them!