Kim Kardashian Stuns at Paris Fashion Week

Kim Kardashian was a mesh marvel at the Paris Fashion Week. The reality star and wife to rapper Kanye West opted to go without a Bra and gone-blonde locks to complete her look.

That’s the consensus as the beautiful Kim K showed up at the Paris Fashion Week, remembering her dress as well as her husband but forgetting all about her lingerie, the New York Daily News reported.
Kim added a witch-style black cape to her cool which she used to cover at least part of what her see through dress was revealing to the world. Kim and her husband, Kanye West were joined by Chris Jenner, Kim’s mom and manager of the Kardashian sisters.

When asked about why the reality star opted to go blonde for the Paris Fashion Week, Lorri Goddard, Kim’s stylist said that, “It’s a really fun adventure for her!” Goddard explained to Us Weekly adding that, “It’s something she’s said outright that she’s been thinking about for a while, but the time just hasn’t been right.”
According to the UK Mirror fans have been going wild on social media once they saw the “Keeping up With The Kardashian” star with blonde hair. Here are just some of the few tweets that fans were able to tweet with regards to her hair.

“Kim Kardashian looks like a sims character with her new hair, all she needs is a green diamond above her head” – Danielle Taylor

“Is Kanye trying to turn Kim Kardashian into @DaRealAmberRose with this slicked back blond hair look?! So weird” – Moi

“Kim kardashian looks like a sick alien with that blonde hair.” – Rocky

“Kim Kardashian’s platinum blonde hair looks amazing. But then again, that woman could have a lime green mullet and still look hot??” – Aimee Jakes