Rolex Day-Date 40: A Short Summary

The Rolex brand of watches has been the most revered watch brand all over the world. The most refined, luxurious and elegant models that this brand produces are loved by all from eight to eighty. The brand new model that Rolex has launched as a part of its Oyster Collection is called Day-Date 40.

Since these watches are part of Oyster Collection, they are essentially sports watches. This model comes with a relatively higher level in the water resistance section, precisely 100 meters.
The dust and humidity are prevented from entering the system with the help of automatic and self-winding movements along the mean of rotor, a central weight that oscillates.

This mechanism does not allow the user to adjust the crown, helping with the aforesaid prevention. The Day-Date constitutes those Rolex watches that display the dates along with the day. The display is done with the help of a rotating disc having an opening above 12 in the dial for the easy view of the day. It is completely written and is available in twenty-six languages.

The Day- Date 40 model is valuable metals like yellow gold, everose gold, white gold or platinum. The dial is only 40 mm in diameter and both the lugs and case band have been made slimmer in contrast to the previous bulky editions. The President’s bracelet is fully integrated with the timepiece having pristine end-links design along with a hidden clasp. All the Day-Date 40 watches have fluted bezel except that of the platinum variety, which has even polished bezel.
Posted by Nikki Harden 5/8/15