Age Appropriate Fashion

You want to look gorgeous, be presentable irrespective of your age, but every age group has some set expectations from the way you dress. It is not a prohibition from experimenting, but it is all about accepting your age gracefully.

Who doesn’t love dressing a kid, but going overboard with it is no way to exhibit enthusiasm. Irrespective of the latest fashion, children need to be dressed comfortably. Shorts, simple dresses, danngris are useful options as they give the kids the liberty to play around freely all day! It is essential for their clothes to be light and devoid of sequences. Avoid burdening them with a dupatta or make up, even if they insist.

Teenagers are the last people who will listen to your fashion advice, they are meant to be rebels. But my opinion is these are the last few years one can wear anything without being conscious about their body type. So let them make the most of it and be the trendsetters.

By the thirty’s people make the most informed fashion decisions. By this time it is likely that you have created a fashion statement for yourself and all you are looking for is improvisations. One must avoid skin tight clothes and give your wardrobe the required makeover from your teenage days. Be careful about your body type while choosing lengths, fabric, hemlines, cuts and necks of the dresses you choose.

You are still young at heart in fifty’s but your clothes need to show elegance and experience. Trousers and A line pants are highly suggested just as tunic tops and shirts. Avoid sleeveless and hemlines above your knee if your saggy arms and thighs are not in their best shape.