Fashion in beauty products

Beauty products are designed to give you fresh look .These products are available for all body part differently. Starts from top for your hair Gel , bun, clips to the bottom for foot shoe & its polish.
Beauty defined & divided in two basic 7 categories for human body:
1)    Hair : for any hair style , you need scissor/ cutters  , Hair dryers , Hair gel, Clips , rubber bends , hair bands . To maintain & carry a particular look, to maintain a shine you need proper hair oil massage & a proper shampoo to clean dirt store in daily routine on your hair.
2)    Face: Face is the special part of our personality, its need to kept clean & fresh by using many beauty products such as Powder, lotion, moisturizing cream, cleansing cream , acne cream.
3)    Lips: Lips are significant part of our body & very sensitive part. Its get affected by change in nature first. So we your lip balm, lipstick, Lip liner to highlight a proper shape, lip-gloss.
4)    Eyes : Eye shadow, maskhara, kajal , eye liner , eye brush ,
5)    Body : Body lotion , wax cream, depend on the skin type we should use product.
6)    Nails : Nail cutter, Nail shapper , designer nail paint , Nail art.
7)    Skin : Different types of lotion & color.
8)    Hygiene  : cleansing cream , bath sops, Body wash for sensitive skins.
9)    Protection : UV rays protection cream, sunscreen , winter protection cream , wrinkle removing cream.
Fashion world is full of beauty products , we have to choose a suitable products according to our skin type & shape of body parts.