How not to wear skinny jeans and leggings

Leggings are one of the most comfortable clothing styles ever invented. Moreover, skinny jeans are all the rage now – both for men and for women. But then again, if they are not worn the right way or teamed with the right top, it can be almost abusive for the onlooker. Yes, abusive, that is right! Here are the ways Not to wear skinny jeans and leggings.

  • Wearing it with a croptop/short top:  For bodies that have bulging love-handles, crop tops are a no-no anyway. However, pairing it with leggings is definitely not the right way. Wear tops that are long enough to cover the crotch.
  • Wearing a size smaller than you should: Both skinny jeans and leggings need to be your size! Any smaller or tighter, there will be unwanted bulges in places your mirror will not tell you. Besides, they get uncomfortable when they are a tad too small for your frame. Buy them your size.
  • Wearing them in skin tones: It’s understandable that you decide to wear your skinny jeans or leggings with a crop top, ok, but you will crossing the line if you team a crop top with skin colored leggings! Lime colored or even neon colored is forgivable; but flesh-colored can be completely obnoxious. They are a rather ghastly sight; especially if you have celluloid. At first glance it would make you look naked. Not a good look! Even if you get them as a gift, do not wearing them outside your front door. No, not even at home, never.