How to wear Ruffles

Ruffles are the perfect disguise to those annoying trouble spots. They immediately grab a person’s attention and yet they are very fashionable. However that are certain set of guidelines you must follow while wearing ruffles. They are not so easy to pull off but if done right, they look great.

1) Ruffles are used to add layer to your body. The reverse effect of this is that ruffles can also add layers to the areas of your body which are a bit healthy. Try to avoid wearing ruffles if you have a healthy bust or a hip. A good option to this would be to use vertical ruffles as they cut the area in two.

2) Most people are afraid that ruffles add to the feminine appearance of their body. You can try to pair ruffles with a pencil skirt. You can also trying wearing straight cut pants and also a structured jacket to neutralize the feminine side.

3) Ruffled dresses can also be a good option if you have perfect curvy and lean body. Ruffled dresses look great if they are present and complement the curves of your body. Another thing to consider if you have lean body is to use it to accentuate those slimmer sides of your body.

4) The final thing is not to over use ruffles. Limit your dress to only one garment as overdoing it will lead to a bloated body.

All in all, ruffles are a great way to change your style statement. They are sure to make an impression on your peers.