Male models at the New York Fashion Week: Men’s that you should know

Male models are very popular. This isn’t a secret. Luckily for you, you can see many of them on the New York Fashion Week: Men’s. But, some are more popular than others. It would be a vise to know who of them are more popular and who are, let’s just say, less popular. So, here is a list of most popular male models at the New York Fashion Week: Men’s.

1.    Hugo Villanova brings a touch of class. It isn’t a secret that he is a true French gentleman. He is already popular and we expect him to be even more in the near future. Now, he has an opportunity to show us his romantic look. We must wait and see how he will achieve this.
2.    Brodie Scott has already worked with: Patrick Ervell, Versace, Balmain and Tim Coppens. This means that he is known and he has a lot of experience. He is interesting because he can pull off any look. 
3.    Michael Lockley is hard to miss. His blond Afro hairstyle is recognized in all parts of the world. He is also a very popular male model that is in high demand for some time. Maybe the New York Fashion Week: Men’s will make it even more popular.
4.    Ko Grimmer is from Arizona. But, thanks to his job, he travels across the world. He comes to the show having walked for J.W. Anderson, Alexander McQueen and Burberry Prorsum.
5.    Wang Hao is one of the most interesting male models in the world. His style is unique. This also means that there is a high demand for him.