The Elegant Tissot Flamingo: Every woman’s dream

Tissot is a famous Swiss Watch company established way back in 1853. Since then the brand has been producing some of most elegant and beautiful watches. The Flamingo collection has been the sparkle in a woman’s eye ever since it has been launched.

The undiluted femininity expressed by these watches has been achieved by the jewelers’ look of a contemporary nature. It is even more enhanced by the bracelet or slim strap. The timepiece is sure to please at the very moment you would lay your eyes upon her.

The simple and clean lines of the model make it pristinely pure. It is a classic piece that would never go out of style. It is an unfussy yet trendy quartz piece. It has three dainty hands with quite an understated design. It also includes a date indicator. The Flamingo has an inherent appealing fluidity in between the bracelet and the case, which adds up to a sophisticated edge.

The dial is a bit elevated from the case. It also has displaced horns. The Flamingo adds a dash of beauty to each and every wrist with a cost of $360.

The Flamingo Lady has a diameter of 15mm – 28.9 mm. The length and width of the timepiece is 26 mm. The thickness is 6.35 mm with a stainless steel case. It has a Sapphire Crystal with a MOP Dial of black color. The numerals are indexed. The watch has date functionality. There is a stainless steel strap/ bracelet along with a butterfly clasp with a buckle of push buttons.