Who is Junya Watanabe?

The fashion industry has many innovative and progressive designers who are committed and determined to come up with elegant and fashionable clothes and shoes. Junya Watanabe, a renowned Japanese fashion designer who was born in 1961 in Fukushima, Japan was schooled at Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo where he graduated in 1984.

After graduation, he joined Comme Des Garçons where he worked as a patternmaker for two years. As a reward for his skills and expertise, he was promoted to the position of chief designer of the Tricot knitwear line and then transferred to Comme Des Garçons Homme line. In 1993, he came up with his brand name, Junya Watanabe Comme Des Garçons, but he was still working under the umbrella brand Comme Des Garçons. His merchandise was shown in Paris leading fashion shows the same year.

Just like his mentor and friend, Rei Kawakubo, Junya’s primary interests and passion revolves around synthetic and technologically advanced fabrics and textile. Periodically, he uses traditional quality fabrics such as cotton to make spring/summer clothes. Check out his 2003 collection for more details about his products.

In the fashion world, Junya is considered a professional techno couture designer who has mastered the art of making unique structured clothes using both technical and modern materials. One of his major accomplishments came when he signed a deal with Converse. The shoe company contracted him to design All-Star shoes. He also works with some leading companies such as Hervier Productions, Seil Marschall, and Levi’s as a shoe and clothes designer.

Clearly, Junya Watanabe is one of the most inspirational and successful fashion designers in the world today. He is also a mentor and a source of encouragement to upcoming fashion designers who want to make it in this industry.