Best short hairstyles for this summer

Summer is finally here. This is the best time for ice creams and short hairstyles. If you still have a long hair, it is a good decision to make it short. There are many new, fresh and interesting hairstyles for women with short hairstyles. If you want, you can try one.
Soft swept drama is the best choice for women who never had short hair. It is short, but long enough so you can have a ponytail at the back. 
1.    The first step is to apply a styling cream. You must apply it on your damp hair.
2.    Blow dry your hair and use a paddle brush. 
3.    Brush and dry it from side to side. When it is dry, you are done.
4.    Apply texture spray if you want more distressed finish.
Bumble and Bumble’s Grooming Cream is the recommended product. It will create a soft finish. This hairstyle suit well on women with all face shapes. Hair with only one color will look softer. The hair color is the thing that adds drama.
Sleek asymmetrical bob is a modern hairstyle. 
1.    Apply a smoothing cream. Your hair must be damp.
2.    Use large round or a paddle brush while you are blowing dry your hair.
3.    Divide your hair into horizontal sections.
4.    Smooth it with a flat-iron.
5.    Apply serum or anti-frizz spray and you are done.
Aveda Glossing Straightener and Aveda Smoothing Style Prep are recommended products. They are the best choice for shine, humidity protection and straightening. The best thing about this hairstyle is that all women can wear it.