Hair Trend: Bun-ing up the Heat

To beat the heat and to do at the same time, one carry the gorgeous look of hairs pulled up in a sky high bun. All you need to do is tie up your hairs and it looks as stunning as you can bet. 
Open hair flairs a messy look and allow the sweat to flow through your hair, making them more frizzy and prone to oiliness. On the contrary, tied-up hair looks classy for every season. 

Buns have flooded the fashion street this year. Not only they give an elegant appeal, but also look very chic on all face cuts. The French twist a modest take on buns and gives a diva appeal wherein a high bun goes well with a professional attire. Combining the bun with a forehead braid would give an even more interesting look to your hair. Twisted buns and side buns look stylish with all the outfits.