New York And Los Angeles Leave A Distinct Mark In The World Of Style And Fashion

The fashion industry in the US has been instrumental in transforming the values of the nation's economic and social systems. In the race to confirm to the dynamic trends in fashion, the cites of New York and Los Angeles have been the forerunners. They have emerged as the fashion hubs of the US with the huge number of celebrities and models visiting these places.

The Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art does its best efforts to push the design in fashion among the public. They have regular fashion exhibits for the public.  Los Angeles is home to some of the best fashion photographers, artists and stylists.

Fashion is propagated through the media, particularly the visual media. It is the media that stimulates trends and changes in the world of fashion. Celebrities dressed in apparels of a certain fashion leave behind a large fashion statement.

Los Angeles has emerged as the new fashion hub in modern times. With developments in communication technology, trends in fashion no longer remain confined to isolated places. They zoom all over the world at a remarkable speed.

Los Angeles hosts the Los Angeles Fashion Week in March and October every year. It is attended by fashion enthusiasts and designers from all over the world. Its popularity and success continues to shoot to the zenith with the help of a push from the economic and industrial force in the US and even in other parts of the world. The event has certainly injected a dose of its medicine into Hollywood from where it would find its way to the masses.