Some Cool Outdoorsy Styles with Denim Pants

If you want to create some cool outdoorsy looks, you will also want to make sure that there is no compromise on comfort. So what exactly you need is a set of clothes that can keep you really comfy throughout the day and also look glamorous. This is the reason why denim pants are the best options to style yourself in comfort and glamour. Jeans are available in a number of colours and styles. They can be worn with many different types of apparels and accessories.

If you are thinking about a biking trip with your gang then you will want to create an outdoorsy style which is apt for a biker. This means you should be able to get the rough-n-tough look with a touch of glamour. The best way to get it would be by wearing a pair of heavily distressed jeans which is slim-fitted and worn mid-rise. You will definitely need a leather jacket for the biker look. Go for the one which has the mandarin collar. Now for the footwear, go for a pair of boots. You can go for the top-styling leather boots. If you want the cowboy look, you can also go for the knee-length boot.

If you are going out with your friends for trekking, you can forego the shorts or cargo pants and wear the jeans for more comfort. You can create a perfect trekking outfit with denim pants, leather boots, round-necked tee, a cool backpack, and a navigator watch. If you don’t want to wear the pants, you can also go for denim shorts.